Dreadlocks How To Dread, Tips & Products

Would you like to learn how to dread hair? Knatty Dread provides information and products for creating amazing, natural locs in ethnic hair textures. Knowledge IS power and by providing you with a deeper understanding of your natural hair and how to dread it best, I give you a firm foundation on which to build beautiful, healthy locs. My dreadlocks products are a direct response to the needs of ethnic hair and you'll notice the difference as soon as you give them a try. Just wait till you spoil your dreadlocks by providing them with the deep moisturizing they crave. Nourish them as they dread into a tight-smooth, natural crown of locks that speak for themselves. I'm passionate about dreadlocks and about Knatty Dread - If you let me, I'll go on and on about every detail! As usual I'm getting ahead of myself.

Please take a second to get to know my Dreadlocks philosophy! After all...

Dreadlocks are much more than a hair style, the roots of the most amazing Locs begin in your mind!

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Why call them Dreadlocks unless you are afraid of them?

A note about the word "Dreadlocks". This word has long offended many, myself included. I prefer the term "Locs" myself, yet I know that a word is just a symbol, even if there is some negativity in it. People who use the word Dreadlocks:

  1. May not know locs yet on a "personal" level. They are still an outsider of sorts.
  2. May know and love locs but don't recognize any negativity in the word because they don't know it's origin or they know but are not bothered by it because it's so far removed from our current society.

Often it's those that don't yet understand the beauty of wearing their hair in the the most natural way,  the way Jah intended, who still "dread" locs. I intend this site to be found by those seeking information about Dreadlocks so that they might also learn there is nothing to "dread", and only freedom to gain. By using both terms "Locs" and "Dreadlocks", I hope to reach those that are still in the dark and show them a new way of experiencing their own natural hair. Of course it's only with your help that I can spread this message so be generous with your knowledge when others inquire!

Dreadlocks Philosophy and the "Why"

People dreadlock their hair for many reasons. I don't believe any well understood reason is a bad reason. In fact I believe very strongly that the reason one decides to dread their hair is of extreme importance! It's the "Why" that many people miss. They start learning about the How and thinking about the When. Please, if you take any advice from me or my site, be it this: Before you start your loc journey look inside and discover the "Why", which is your true reason for locking up.

Your "Why" will influence many parts of your dreadlock journey and it will be the reason behind many of the dreadlocks related decisions you make. For example: Will you permit yourself to cut your hair after you begin growing dreads or will you give up scissors and blades? Will you alter the color of you hair or will it be all you, even when there is some grey included in your flowing locs?

Your "Why" will become your personal strength when you are in doubt about your new baby locs. Sure, it's possible to proceed without knowing your "Why" but it's like going through the motions of a life changing experience. Your locs can be a hairstyle or much more.


Don't let anyone tell you that your "Why" is not as good as theirs. Consider these two sentences:

Your "Why" is your reason for getting dreadlocks.
Your "Why" is your reason for getting dreadlocks.


It's only the stress that's different but the stress changes their meaning. Take a second to grasp both meanings. If both these statements are true in regards to your "Why", you must have a valid "Why", and it must be every bit as valid as every other valid "Why". When your 'Why" is fixed firmly in your mind you are ready to begin your journey! Continue reading the Making Dreadlocks section to learn what method is ideal for your hair and lifestyle. See you there!.