How to maintain Latched Locs

This technique should not be used to tighten organically formed dreadlocks. For more info on the difference between Latched Locks and Dreadlocks please see the Latching Method in the Making Dreadlocks section.

When you are growing latched locks you need to use a tool to latch your new growth instead of creating knots with clockwise rubbing. If you use this method to tighten dreadlocks formed by twisting, backcombing or any of the other methods discussed, you will leave tiny wraps in your dread that will be noticeable on close inspection for the life of the dreads.

Maintenance Latching will need to be done about once a month as your hair grows and you notice new growth at the roots of your dreadlocks. You'll use the same North, South, East, West pattern that's used for starting dreadlocks with latching. (see the latching part of the making dreadlocks section) The only difference is that the majority of the dreadlock should be fine and you'll only to latch the area nearest the scalp. As you get closer to the scalp you'll definitely need the tool to pull the dreadlock through itself.

Each pass will be at a 90 degree angle from the last as you work your toward the scalp. When you get to the scalp the dreadlock should be tight all the way to the roots. Avoid over tightening the dread as it stresses the hair and causes unneeded pain. That's pretty much all there is to it!