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Knatty dread's shampoo has been amazing! I've tried countless different brands claiming that there shampoo is "best available". Knatty dreads have always left my Locs dry and truly sent and residue free for half the cost of other brands online. Keep it up, I'll see you guys again soon!

-Dale Jarvis






This is the second time I am dreading my hair. I missed them. The first time around I had to cut them to be a stronger candidate in my job field. Fortunately removing my dreads allowed me to get my foot in the door. Unfortunately, I no longer had my debonair locs. After gaining several years of experience in my field of work, I grew to be a wanted candidate. So, I decided to grow my hair out and dread it again. This time I wanted to have the dreads I always dreamed and did extensive research. It wasn't too long after researching that I found your product and here I am. Back on the road to mature locs. Thanks again for the follow up and great product. Take care and much success to you and the team!

-Mikel Brookins






My name is Nicole Shealey and I've been growing my Locs since October of 2011. Your Products are wonderful and I would recommend them to everyone. I'm sending you this picture, feel free to post on your website as I am proud of my hair and your products.

-Nicole Shealey










I am a former hairstylist who has always admired loc styles and decided to began my journey for my 39th birthday, in October 2007. In the beginning many people began to think I had a nervous condition because they always saw me twisting my hair, while talking on the phone, driving, anytime I had a free hand. LOL! But I did this because I wanted to train my locks. I desired a more structured loc. When I would shampoo my locs they were very very frizzy and unraveled and the only product I found that kept the frizzies under control as well as keeping my hair moist with a wonderful shine was Knatty Dread.

When I first purchased Knatty Dread the fragrance was awesome and I LOVED the smell! I would get compliments and questions about what I used in my hair. I could pass someone and they would stop me and question , is that your hair that smells so good? Over the years the fragrance is not as strong as it was in the beginning.. I assumed that was to make the product more unisex. I can see how men may not have liked that beautiful smell. All though the beautiful perfume was minimized the product remained the same and there is none like it. I also believe that Knatty Dread moisturizes my hair and keeps it from breaking. I use Knatty Dread Shampoo and Loc Cream.

I have included pictures starting from no locks, my short natural look up to today. As of today my locs hang to my mid back and I will let them grow a tad bit longer but not to my waist. About a year ago I added layers to my locs which I love! The layers help with styling and changing the look when wanting to pull up in different styles.

Thank you Knatty Dread, for such a wonderful product! I honestly worry what would I do if you were not available!

-Felicia Jones







Hi Crystal!
Thanks so much for your dread cream. It's the perfect match for my dreads. I'm 5 months in to my loc journey and I'm enjoying every bit of it. I started out with the backcomb method. Knatty Dread has just the right hold, moisture and gives my locs a nice shine without build up. Just wonderful. And the light peppermint scent is just right. I'm attaching some pics of my journey. This is definitely a process you have to surrender to…Once I started I knew this was the right choice for me and my hair. My hair loves me and my scalp loves me for this decision.




I don't personally wear locs, even though I am natural. However, my 8-year old son and my 19-year old son both wear them. I started them both about 2-years ago and have been maintaining them ever since. I use the Knatty Dread products on my 8-year old's locs and it works very well for him. My other son has really soft hair, similar to Caucasian hair, so I have to use a gel to maintain his locs. I've used the products on Delon's (the 8-year old) hair since his locs were about 6-months old. I tried a bunch of different loc creams but was unable to find a product suitable for his hair type. The Knatty Dread loc cream had the right consistency of oils and products that finally helped his hair loc and stay looking nice. He has natural locs, as I've never latch-hooked or used any other method on them. They've formed naturally and are very healthy. I LOVE the shampoo!! It cleans both of their hair so nicely and doesn't have an overabundance of lather and residue, which leaves their hair and scalp truly clean and comfortable. I haven't really tracked either of their loc journeys with photos, but I do have a few pictures that show how they've progressed over the years. I will try and pull them together and get them to you soon.
Both of my sons really have a better appreciation for their blackness and the beauty of their hair, since starting this journey. I'm really glad that they decided to wear them because their confidence has risen to new heights.