Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Cream

Knatty Dread Dreadlocks

$ 15.00 


Knatty Dread Natural Dreadlocks cream is an alternative to dread wax for textured hair. Based on natural Lanolin and Shea butters (completely free of petrolatum) it is a powerful moisturizer that helps textured natural hair dread quickly. Whether you're starting dreads from twists or maintaining long, mature dreadlocks you'll find Knatty Dread to be the perfect balance between a light product and the hold your natural black hair needs. The natural defense and strength of our hair is lost when it dries out. Regular application of Knatty Dread Cream keeps your dreads strong, vibrant and protected from daily stresses. Dread with confidence, this is the only cream worthy of your crown of locs!

  • Helps Dreadlocks Styles Dread and Mature
  • Premium Lanolin and Shea Butter base with other all natural ingredients
  • Perfect for tightening dreadlocks and natural hair twist styles
  • Protects and Moisturizes Dreads keeping them strong and healthy
  • Designed specifically for starting and maintaining dreadlocks in natural black hair