Knatty Dread Shampoo Brush

About the Product

  • Cleans your dreadlocks and scalp thoroughly, leaving nothing behind that can build up inside your dreads.
  • Promotes healthy hair growth. The bristles massage the scalp, which stimulates the capillaries, increasing blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle.
  • Reduces hair breakage, splitting & damage. Keeps scalp and hair vibrant and healthy
  • Ergonomic handle for balance and comfort. Durable thick bristles that are soft and gentle.
  • Scalp massager that stimulates that noggin' for a uber-relaxing cleanse

Give your dreadlocks the clean refreshing wash they deserve! The Knatty Dread Shampoo Brush is a mini-scalp massager, shampoo brush for distributing shampoo throughout the noggin' makes your scalp and dreads feel fuller and energized. Our uniquely designed bristles are soft, flexible and gentle enough for all types of dreadlocks, hair and textures; Long, Curly, Fine, and Thick Hair. Our Brush also has a unique gripping handle for a firm hold and is perfect for all hair types and lengths.